TUTORIAL: How To Take Pictures with The Sims 2

Playing the Sims 2 and sharing your stories with someone else is wonderful and quite fun. However, you need to know how to take the pictures and how to store them! There are three ways to do so – Through the game to upload directly to The Sims 2, through the game to upload to an outside source and be able to upload it to the forums or website, and through print screen. In this article, I will go through all three ways. I am writing this article with a Windows Vista computer and I haven’t had any experience with all of these steps in a Mac. Therefore, there may be some differences that I cannot cover. If you have Windows XP, the only difference would be the Documents folder is named My Documents.

Method 1: Upload to the Official The Sims 2 Site

This is perhaps the easiest method out of all of them, but you can only share it through The Sims 2 website.

So, after you have taken all of your pictures, you will need to select story mode in the IU on the bottom.


Afterwards, you need to put together your story by selecting them and adding them to a list.


Then, you select “Edit Story” from the top.


Afterwards, you can add your dialogue to your pictures. You can edit it two ways, either way works.


Afterwards, you have to select the little thing on the bottom that says when you highlight it “Package to TheSims2.com”.


After logging in with your username and password from the site, it will upload and you now have your story on your sim page to share with the world!


Method 2: Use the Camera in the Game and Upload Elsewhere

In case you didn’t know (you never know! Some people might be new to the game and don’t know this!) to take a picture in the game, you press the little camera icon in the corner.


Or you could just use the keyboard shortcut, which is pressing “C”.

To retrieve the pictures, all you have to do is follow these steps.

So, after either minimizing or exiting your game after playing (You can do either, this won’t break it), you need to go to your Documents folder. Then, you need to select the folder titled EA Games.


After that, you need to choose The Sims 2. (There may or may not be any more folders there, depending on what you play)


Once in there, you’ll find many more folders. The one you want is titled Neighborhoods.


Afterwards, you’ll get a bunch more folders, except this time with weird names. You’ll want to choose the folder that corresponds with the neighborhood you took the pictures in. To help you, these are the premade neighborhoods:

N001: PleasantView
N002: Strangetown
N003: Veronaville
G001: Riverblossom Hills (Sims 2 Seasons)
F001: Desiderata Valley (Sims 2 Freetime)
E001: Belladonna Cove (Sims 2 Apartment Life)

Any other folders will be all of the custom neighborhoods that you created, in order that you created, except for tutorial. That’s completely different. I wouldn’t recommend touching it unless if you took pictures while playing the tutorial. Actually, I don’t even know if you can do that…

If you took pictures in Download, a Bon Voyage Neighborhood, Bluewater Village, Uni neighborhood or something similar (Something attatched to the main neighborhood), you’ll find it all under the main neighborhood. You can also find any pictures your sims took if you have the appropriate EP.

So select your neighborhood.


Now, you get another folder to choose from! You should have a bunch of files that you don’t want to touch. The folder you want to choose out of here is Storytelling.


Now you have all of the pictures! But, it is probably a mess and not in order from when you took the pictures! There is a simple fix for this. What you need to do is sort the pictures by Date Modified. If the option isn’t there, then right click that top bar and select date modified.


Now all you have to do is scroll down and find your pictures that are all together and in order of when you take them! This is especially useful for when you do a legacy. When you do a story, you may not take them all in order, but at least they are together!

You can organize them in different ways to suit your needs. The only thing to remember is that it is easier to move it from the EA folder into your own. So no matter how you decide to organize your pictures, at least remove them from the EA folder. To give you an idea or even a way (if you like it, that is) to organize, I will share the steps on how I do it myself.

So first you should set up your new folders according do your tastes. My style is adding a new folder to my Documents folder, then creating subfolders to organize it further. For example, in my legacy, I have a folder for the legacy, then in that folder I have folders for each update and that is where all my pictures are.

So, once you get your new system of folders ready, you can do this move two ways. You can have two windows open, one in your Storytelling folder and the other at your new location. You can then select all of your pictures (By Shift + Click or dragging your mouse to create a box, highlighting all of your pictures) and then drag them all to your new location. Or you can use one window and select all of your pictures (by the same method) and then doing right click and selecting cut (or CTL + X) then going to your new location and right click paste (Or CTL + V). To simply make a copy of your pictures, use the second method and use CLT + C or copy instead of cut.

Now that you have them in their own little folder without anything else, make sure they are organized by date modified. Now you get to organize them in the order that you want them to be! If this is a legacy, all you after to do is go through all of them, renaming the file names to whichever method of ordering you want. I usually just rename them all numbers. So my first picture is named 1, second is 2, etc. If it is a story, date modified may not help so much if they are out of order in the first place, but you can still order them the way you want them to be.

Whew, when you completed that step, you are ready to upload it!

To upload your pictures, you have to find an image host. SimsFans offers one but you can also use Photobucket.com. It is really up to you on where you want to host them!

To display them on the forum, you will want to use the BBS code. This is simply [img](url here)[/img]. On Photobucket, they automatically give the code to you. To upload it to a website, you’ll need the html. This code is < img src=”(url here)” >.

And once you’ve done that, your all ready to do whatever you want to do with them! While it may be a long process, it is nice and organized and you’ll be thankful when you can find all of your pictures.

Method 3: Use Print Screen

Print Screen is another way to take pictures. This is actually a longer process than method 2. However, it is still worth sharing.

With Print Screen, you find a key on your keyboard that says “Prnt Scrn” or something close to it and press it when you have your shot.

If you are on a laptop and the Print Screen is under another option, then you will need to find your Function Key, possibly labeled “Fn” (It may be different depending on the brand of the laptop). If the Fn key is the same color text as the Print Screen, then you’ll need to hold down the Fn key then the Print Screen button to take the picture.

Afterwards, you’ll want to minimize the game and paste it into a paint program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or even MS Paint. But this is where it gets long. Every single picture you take, you must minimize every single time to paste it somewhere. By using this method, you take a “copy” of your screen, so then you must paste it; otherwise you’ll lose the shot. After saving it, you can organize and upload it just like how I explained in method 2.


No matter what method you decide to use, you can be sharing your stories and legacies in no time! If anything was unclear, be sure to PM me (phoebe91) with any questions you have and I will be happy to help!

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