Crayon Legacy – 7.0

Welcome all to the SEVENTH GENERATION!

I have never gotten this far before… not even CLOSE! @_@


I begin this update with a picture of a unicorn!!! That we can’t have because the household is full >_> CURSES

Crayon Legacy – 6.8

Welcome welcome back! I think we finally got to the update where I got the new computer… Took long enough! Anyways, enjoy!


Wiggles: Well, it took you long enough to play us again!

I know! Well this save file is horrible trying to play again and again. But the new computer speeds things up. I also keep crashing to the desktop, so I have to keep deleting pictures (Like I did get the pets taken away… but then it crashed xD)

Wiggles: Well, do I look hot on sim detail high?

As much as an elder can.

Crayon Legacy – 6.7


Welcome to the new update! Mackie starts off by giving birth… and by whining that she’s hungry!

Crayon Legacy – 6.6


Meeka: I present you a snake skin!

Crayon Legacy – 6.5


Welcome back! Mackie here is to start us off, but she’s too busy sleeping about food xD