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          News in brief in 2009

            2009年06月 Our company became a member of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers on Jan., 20, 2009
            2009年01月 Our products were awarded as quality reliable product by State Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection on Jan., 20, 2009

          News in brief in 2008

            2008年10月 Our company was awarded as AAA-Grade Contract-sticking and Credit-keeping Enterprise by Commerce and Industry Bureau on Jan., 20, 2008
            2008年09月 Our products were awarded as Brand-name and High-quality Products of Jiangsu Province on Jan., 20, 2008

          News in brief in 2007

            2007年12月 Our brand was awarded as Wuxi Famous Brand on Jan.,20,2007
            2007年10月 Our company successfully developed and researched super lubricating grease between -70℃ and -1100℃ on Jan., 20, 2007
            2007年09月 Number 400 service hotline was opened on Jan., 20, 2007
            2007年08月 We produced the first antiseptic grease for the longest suspension bridge in our country on Jan.,20, 2007.

          News in brief in 2006

            2006年02月 Our customers exceeded 5,000 on Jan., 20,2006.

          News in brief in 2005

            2005年09月 Our products were awarded as customer reliable product of Jiangsu Province on Jan., 20, 2005.
            2005年02月 Our products were awarded as famous and excellent product of China on Jan., 20,2005.

          News in brief in 2004

            2004年03月 Our company become a member of China Lubricating Grease Association on Jan., 20,2004.
            2004年02月 Our products have passed REACH Certificate on Jan., 20, 2004.

          News in brief in 2003

            2003年06月 Our customers exceeded over 1,000 on Jan., 20, 2003.
            2003年03月 Our products have passed ROHS Certificate on Jan., 20, 2003.

          News in brief in 2001

           2001年05月 Our products have passed ISO9000:2000 Quality Management System Authentication on Jan., 20, 2001.

          News in brief in 2000

            2000年10月 Wuxi Feitian Grease Co.,Ltd. was founded on Jan., 20, 2000.

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