Crayon Legacy – 7.5


Andy would like to welcome you all back by coming out of his stall in joy… and because of the beautiful scenery.

Lovely, isn’t it?

Crayon Legacy – 7.4


Welcome back! I begin this update with a cute picture from Sepia holding her IF. AWW!

Crayon Legacy – 7.3


Welcome back! We come back right when Sepia is being grown up.

Crayon Legacy – 7.2


Aww, two deers! How cute!

Welcome back to the first update in a while that didn’t have a CTD in the middle of it! woot! I think they finally stopped…

Crayon Legacy – 7.1


I see you’ve come back to see Wiggles give a bath to Bella!

Naw, that can’t be it… maybe you want to see more death?

Well, we’ll see ;)