ISBI Rules

I have listed the rules I am following below. It is a mix of this, this, and this.

General Rules

  • The main point of this challenge is to go through 10 generations, only controlling one sim, a torch holder, per gen.
  • The torch gets handed down when the chosen sim is a YA or older. It can happen on their birthday, or afterwards. However, the new TH must be in the YA stage. Once a new sim is chosen, the last TH must NOT be controlled.
  • A Game Over happens when the TH dies.
  • If needed, the town can be populated with CAS sims. Those CAS sims may also be married into the house, since they can’t be played as another household anyways.
  • The only sims allowed to join the household would be partners of the TH. No roomates! (The exception to this rule would be Imaginary Friends made real)
  • No Service Sims. The exception would be Police/Firefighters and the babysitter due to WORK related scheduling. But no hiring a babysitter simply because the TH needs to leave the house.

Non-Torch Holder Rules

  • NTH may not be commanded at any time. They may be given ONE interaction per life stage. However, if it isn’t used, then it is lost.
  • Interactions given to change style or to give a job or to move out do not count to this rule. However, quitting a job would.
  • NTH inventories may be messed with at anytime, as long as no interactions are chosen from the inventory.
  • If when a sim grows up and you are given the ability to choose a trait, feel free. You’ve earned the right.
  • NTH’s LTP can be spent at will
  • LTW can only be chosen at the time when the NTH becomes a YA.
  • When moving a NTH out, you may do so at anytime after the YA birthday. HOWEVER, the NTH can only move out with anyone YA or up.
  • Wants may be locked/unlocked, but nothing can be influence them from being completed.


I’m not doing any big time scoring, however, I will be keeping track of these stats:

Torch Holders

LTWs Achieved


Pass Out (Except faintings. This includes Cowards and Dramatic Sims)

Social Worker Visits (One per child)

Special Deaths (non-old age deaths) vs. Total Deaths



Top of Careers

Achieving Honor Roll

Failing School

Total Births

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